Campus & Safety

Tyndale University College & Seminary is located on a beautiful 56-acre campus nestled between Bayview Avenue and the Don River. It is an oasis in the city, with hundreds of trees and large areas of green space, where deer and foxes can be seen in the early morning. It is centrally loCAted in Toronto, close to restaurants, churches and other amenities.

a view of the Tyndale CAmpus from the rear showing open space and trees


“作为一个女性代尔的学生,我从来没有觉得在校园里不安全。500万彩票有一个友好的安全团队,安全建设,一两分钟,明亮步行到公交车站。不止于此,它是让我感到社会安全,我可以信任的学生,教授和工作人员代尔照顾我个人的幸福。” - 艾米莉·克劳斯[BA英语2016年]